About Compliance - Why?

  • Compliance protects against financial or reputational damages. The implementation of Compliance only after occurrence of damage is more expensive, disrupts the ongoing business and therefore has a negative impact on turnover and profit. Prevention is always the more favorable alternative.
  • Compliance midterm will contribute to cost reduction. Targeted use of suitable Compliance software and reduction in premiums for D&O liability insurance are only a few examples.
  • Compliance makes an organization a preferred business partner. To better protect themselves companies increasingly request effective Compliance structures from the opposite party.
  • Compliance can be a competitive advantage and can result in an increase of reputation. Public opinion expects from all players taking measures to guarantee Compliance – why not be proactive and also use Compliance as a marketing instrument?
  • Compliance makes lending money easier. To more efficiently mitigate their own risk banks increasingly reflect on Compliance when it comes to financing.
  • Compliance makes expansions more predictable. To as far as possible rule out bad surprises it became an important aspect in mergers & acquisition.