SERVICES - My way of working

Many processes are working well and they are not relevant to risk. In case of enforcement of Compliance and due to my mode of operation they will not be changed. Only where necessary, amendments will be made. This guarantees e.g. documentation and transparent reconstruction of the ‘who & how’ of decision making.

Services - Working by steps

  • Needs
  Each organization and its risks are different and have individual Compliance needs. Only the client’s situation determines what is needed. As the Compliance expert I determine and evaluate those needs. 
  •  Solution
  Based on the specific risk situation I develop the properly matching and effective Compliance solution. It is based on the practice-proven content of the modules and also reflects ‘best practice’ examples and my own experience of many years. 
  • Implementation
  Each Compliance solution is being implemented in close cooperation with the employees. Only if they really understand its necessity the Compliance measure will become effective. Total transparency on target and content therefore are at the center of my activity. 
  • Control
  To secure efficiency of the organization and to react as best as possible to the ever-changing circumstances and requirements, I regularly control each Compliance measure without prejudice for its effectiveness. If needed, I recommend precise improvements to the client.